PES European elections candidates pledge to protect women’s rights

Pictured from left: S&D MEP Robert Biedroń, FEMM Committee Chair; S&D MEP Carina Ohlsson; S&D MEP Evelyn Regner, Vice President of the European Parliament; Zita Gurmai, PES Women President; S&D MEP Marc Angel, Vice President of the European Parliament; S&D MEP Marek Balt.

Women’s rights and gender equality have always been at the centre of our political family’s foundations and values. Securing women’s rights and progressing gender equality are a priority for our progressive family in the upcoming European elections and the following European mandate. That was the call from PES election candidates yesterday in Brussels at the EU Women’s Rights Charter Event organised by PES Women.

The event was attended by current MEPs from the Socialist and Democrat Group in the European Parliament and prospective MEP candidates from PES member parties who are running in the European elections. 

PES Women invites all candidates from PES member parties running in the 2024 European elections to sign its EU Women’s Rights Charter Pledge, which has been endorsed by PES Common Candidate Nicolas Schmit. 

Under the pledge, candidates commit to safeguard women’s rights and gender equality in the European Union by upholding the principles enshrined in the S&D proposal for an EU Charter of Women’s Rights. 

PES Women President Zita Gurmai said:

“We are in desperate need of a European Charter of Women’s Rights that enshrines women’s rights and gender equality at an EU level to safeguard progress as well as prevent further rollbacks orchestrated by far right and conservative campaigns. By signing this pledge, progressive candidates remain at the forefront in fighting for women in the EU and show the commitment of the PES and PES member parties to gender equality.”

PES Women President, Zita Gurmai, was joined at the event by S&D MEPs from the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) to present the S&D Position Paper on Gender Equality and the proposal for the EU Charter of Women’s Rights, adopted by the S&D Group and PES Women last year in Krakow.

Participants included S&D MEP Robert Biedroń, FEMM Committee Chair; S&D MEP Evelyn Regner; Vice President of the European Parliament; and S&D MEP Marc Angel; Vice President of the European Parliament. 

To sign the pledge please follow this link: Share your pledge signing on social media by tagging @PES_Women and by using the following hashtags #PledgeForWomensRights #EUCharterofWomensRights #FeministEurope #EuropeWeWant.

At the event, the pledge was signed by:

  • PES Women President, Zita Gurmai
  • S&D  MEP Robert Biedron, FEMM Committee Chair
  • S&D MEP Helene Fritzon, S&D VP for Gender Equality
  • S&D MEP Evelyn Regner, European Parliament Vice President
  • S&D MEP Marc angel 
  • S&D MEP Carina Ohlsson
  • S&D MEP Alessandra Moretti
  • S&D MEP Marek Balt