End period poverty

Champagne, caviar… tampons? Menstrual hygiene is a necessity, not a luxury. So, stop taxing it as if it were!
COVID-19 made #periodpoverty worse. Lockdown prevented access to free products and disrupted supply lines, plus prices are rising. In times of crisis especially, menstrual hygiene products must be classed as essential goods and made available to everyone.

On International Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021, PES Women and Young European Socialists call on all EU Member States to:

  • Combat period poverty by eliminating “tampon tax” VAT rates on menstrual hygiene products and by providing free sanitary supplies in public spaces, such as schools, universities, libraries, hospitals, and shelters as well as in work places
  • Combat the menstruation stigma. Raise awareness and invest in information campaigns that counteract stigmatisation and misconceptions about menstruation. Learning about periods should be a mandatory part of national sex education curricula for pupils of all genders.
  • Recognise menstruation and menopause symptoms as valid reasons for paid sick leave.